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  • Customer Self-Service

    Make it easier for customers to find answers. Deliver timely and authoritative knowledge every step of the way.

    Be there where and when customers look for you

    Meet the comprehensive knowledge management platform helping customers get the help they need every step of the way. We help you put all the good stuff in one place, from knowledge base articles and help content to FAQ and video tutorials. Because when it’s easy to find answers, customers are more likely to handle issues on their own.

    That’s the power of customer self-service powered by MindTouch.

    Optimized for search
    Create useful knowledge that is automatically optimized for search engines, website search experiences, and conversational interfaces.

    There in a couple clicks
    Intuitively guide customers to the right content in just a few clicks, whether they know what they’re looking for or not.

    Any device, anywhere, any time
    Provide a single source of authoritative content optimized for all the devices your customers use—mobile, desktop, or otherwise.

    Put the right content right at your customer’s fingertips

    Rarely do customers know exactly what they’re looking for. And it’s hard to predict when and where they will go looking. They rely on search engines to interpret their queries, or websites, chatbots, and AI to guide them to the promised land. Delivering this kind of proactive customer self-service experience requires a robust and reliable knowledge management platform.

    Content personalization
    Leverage roles, permissions, and groups to ensure the best content is served to the right audience, both internal and external.

    MindTouch Touchpoints
    Extend content into various applications, such as digital products, web pages, ecommerce sites, communities, and ticket submission forms.

    Suggested answers
    Surface relevant content to customers submitting tickets to proactively prevent unnecessary support interactions, saving them frustration and you money and time.

    Content rankings
    Provide useful insights into what content is the most useful. Use this data to increase customer satisfaction by ensuring the best answers are returned or suggested.

    Chat/SMS-friendly content
    Our Guided Content Framework enables chatbots to predictably extract relevant content based on customer intent, optimizing the ease and success of these interactions.

    Drive real business outcomes with robust reporting tools

    It’s time to let your customers tell you what’s working and what’s not. The MindTouch platform includes in-depth reporting that provides useful insights into how customers and employees use your knowledge content. You can use this data to optimize your customer self-service experience based on actual user demand, improve your product or service, and map these outcomes to your most important KPIs. MindTouch can also be used alongside the tools businesses already use, including Google, Eloqua, Webtrends, Adobe Analytics, and Marketo.

    Drive real business outcomes with robust reporting tools

    MindTouch tracks:

    • Content performance and gaps
    • Content tied to case resolution
    • Search Insights
    • Link management
    • Case deflection
    • Article ratings and feedback
    • On-page errors

    Get up and running quickly, say goodbye to downtime

    Deploy your MindTouch-powered sites in weeks, not months. Our highly scalable system is capable of supporting ambitious launch schedules across multiple sites. And it’s a system designed to scale with the pace of growth, so that you can add content—lots of content—without impacting performance. Best of all, you can forget about scheduled maintenance windows.

    We know that your customers don’t take a break. Neither do we.

    MindTouch featuring Electrolux

    Take the first step toward happier customers

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